Ubuntu is often translated as “I am, because you are”. Ubuntu has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society.
It’s a call to community, we are who we are because of each other.
It’s a spirit of togetherness and humanity towards others.




People, Place, and Policy for Community Wellness

People: community, professionals, partnerships, and interpersonal
Place: rural and urban, global north and global south
Policy: health care, policy, climate, education



Building Equity for Rural Health

Advocacy for rural health, rural health policy for the public good, impact of the climate crisis on rural health and rural communities, rural research, the relationship between the different countries and cultures in rural health care, rural health workforce, rural emergency preparedness, rural education and recruitment and retention.

Community Engagement for Local and Global Health

The role of the community in healthcare, learning from the community, working towards socially responsive engaged communities, unlocking the potential of patients and communities, the role of the community in chronic medicine adherence, community engagement in mental health support, collaborations for health, strength in partnerships and role of community in epidemics and natural disasters.

Social and Health Policies for the Public Good

Promoting health policy and education for the community good, social policy for the public good, the built environment for the public good, health advocacy and diplomacy in a divided world, socially responsive and community conscious healthcare for all, equity, health impact, planetary health, climate change, global policies, local policies, one health and social determinants of health.

Educating the Health Workforce

Interprofessional education in health, technology, digital health, clinically competent and critically conscious curricula, how to incorporate climate change and planetary health into the curricula, socially responsible curricula, and community engagement in education.